Notable people who were Royal Air Force Air Cadets

No one can deny the fact that most successful RAF personnel began as Air Cadets – not forgetting some of the most senior officers. However, after several years of travel & flying, most individuals have become successful in various ways in life. Ranging from astronauts to movie actors, athletes to the pop stars, scientists to writers, just to name a few. You could be joining them in the future who knows! Below are some notable people who were Royal Air Force Air Cadets:

• Rory Underwood MBE –This is the RAF pilot who broke the record in as the England’s rugby union player
• Will Whitehorn – This is the president of the Virgin Galactic, an organization that plans to give public space tourism flights at a fee
• Andy Wilson – The well-known Chelsea International footballer- who was much involved in building up soccer at the ATC.
• Gary Numan – This is a musician as well as an aviator who was popular for his regularly-sampled all-time hit called single Cars
• Sir Paul Nurse – This is a Nobel Prize winner after his Medicine research in the cells life cycle
• Chris Ryan – This is a Special Air Service operator who turned out to be an author. Currently he has more than thirty books. In 2010, he gave a good interview to the cadets for the Air Cadet magazine.
• John Sherwood – This is a former Squadron cadet, he won the Olympic medal during the Mexico’s Games in the year 1968
• Alan Sillitoe – This is an author of more than forty books, incorporating classics like Saturday Night & Sunday Morning
• Laura Trevelyan – This is a BBC journalist who reports on the UN’s activity in the New York
• Robson Green – This is an actor and a TV presenter too
• James Hickman – This is a British 5-time Champion Swimmer in the World
• Brian Jones – This is a balloonist who broke the record and was the first person to make an uninterrupted circumnavigation in the world successfully
• Sir Patrick Moore – This is an astronomer as well as an author who is well-known for his TV series by the name ”The Sky at Night”
• Michael Nicholson OBE – This is a senior foreign reporter for the ITN news
• Richard Burton – This is an actor who is well-known for his wonderful performances in nearly one hundred films as well as theatre productions
• Timothy Dalton – This is an actor who is well-known for his role as James Bond 007
• Dr Michael Foale – This is a NASA Astronaut who has the record for cumulative-period-in-space as a United Kingdom’s citizen
• Len Deighton – This is a military historian as well as an author who has written several bestselling novels, such as The IPCRESS File
• Danny Blanchflower – This is a well-known Tottenham Hotspur & Northern Ireland football star. He was a cadet in the 1137 Squadron
• John Conteh – He is the light to heavyweight champion boxer in the world. He is also a gold medallist in the Commonwealth Games
• Geoff Capes – This is an Shot-putter champion, weightlifter & a 2-time winner as the strongest man in the world

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